Hong Kong College of Technology  

Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT) was established in 1957 as a charitable post secondary education institution. Formerly known as the Mong Kok Workers' Night School, HKCT has actively contributed itself to the local education development, and today, as a leader of local non-mainstream education for a nearly half a century, we provide a diversity of professional courses with full bridging and advancement options in fields including higher education and further education.

Each year, we provide hundreds of courses for students and trainees of different age and strata. Other than providing our own programmes, HKCT is also devoted to social services and has provided ardent support to Employee Re-training courses, and Intensive Employment Assistance Schemes.

HKCT has firm belief in our vision "Driven by Aspiration Committed to Excellence", and is dedicated to developing both the moral and professional integrity of our students in the hopes that they will emerge from our College respectable social individuals.

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