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 HKCT Jockey Club Ma On Shan Campus

HKCT Jockey Club Ma On Shan Campus is an innovative-looking complex which has been launched in September 2010. Located at Yiu On Estate, Ma On Shan, it has a gross area of over 45,000 square feet and a capacity of 1,000 students. The campus caters to full-time students of HKCT's sub-degree programmes. It features a variety of facilities and function rooms in a pleasant and vibrant learning environment.




Mock-up Hotel Room and Mock-up Cabin
Designed for Tourism and Hospitality students, the Mock-up Hotel Room offers an environment in which students can develop a well honed understanding of the daily operations of hotels. The room is equipped with a concierge mockup and an OPERA hotel management system for students to get acquaintance with the customer service computer system used in the hospitality industry. They can also cultivate their customer servicing skills at the reception desk.

The Mock-up Cabin is modelled on the training cabin of major airlines. It gives students hands-on experience with on-board operations. There is also an airport service desk mock-up offering customer service training, which enables students to get familiar with airline check-in work and airline ticketing service. The service desk is equipped with the ABACUS reservation system, through which students can grasp a thorough understanding of the airline computer reservation system. With ABACUS, they can practise how to reserve seats, acquire airline and flight information, and search and change passengers' bookings.


Food and Beverage Training Centre

Modelled on star-rated hotel restaurants, the Centre features a bar and a training kitchen equipped with basic cooking facilities for western cuisines. Students can receive training from renowned local chefs and hone their skills in mixing drinks.



Art Studio
A space catering to Design students, the studio is equipped with multi-media computer facilities, all of which have high-speed Internet access, and installed with the latest computer software, including Adobe Creative Suite, 3D animation applications, and Final Cut Pro Studio. Here, students can create graphics, animations and other forms of multi-media work.


Digital Media Studio

Digital Media Studio houses a broad range of advanced audio-visual equipment. Infotainment Production students will be able to put into practice their classroom knowledge by creating their own works here. Through practical work, they can build up multimedia techniques and enhance their public speaking skills. All this will help pave their way for further study or future career.


Computer Projects Laboratory
Computer Projects Laboratory caters to final-year Information Technology students  working on their graduation projects. A variety of facilities in the room are at their disposal, including the Microsoft Visual Studio, the Java NetBean, the database of Oracle and Microsoft, and the Cisco router. All  these help them lay a good foundation for pursuing a career in programme design or system engineering.
The computer room, available to all HKCT students, houses more than 100 new computer models equipped with Linus and Window servers. All the computers feature the latest software. Students can learn to develop different computer programmes, such as computer games, online shopping websites, and bill-handling systems. They can also learn how to manage different systems and networks, that will enable them to lay a good foundation for becoming system and network technicians.


Social Work Skills Laboratory
Social Work Skills Laboratory is where social work students can put into practice what they learn in class and hone their social work skills. It is equipped with a recording system featuring one-way mirrors and multiple cameras. Students can film themselves when they practise their skills under different settings and replay the footage during group discussions with fellow students and instructors. The laboratory is also installed with multi-sensory equipment and a play room, which are modelled on the facilities widely used by major social welfare organisations to assist elderly people and the disabled.


Lecture Theatre
The spacious Lecture Theatre is equipped with cutting-edge video conference facilities that enable students and teaching staff to overcome time differences and geographical constraints and participate in academic exchanges and discussions with foreign scholars. Students can also hold major events or performances in the Lecture Theatre.


 HKCT Man Fuk Road Campus
HKCT Man Fuk Road Campus, adjacent to Homantin Campus, will be launched in September 2012. Man Fuk Road Campus enhances campus areas of HKCT to 60,000 square feet and accommodates 1,000 students. HKCT has invested more than HKD11 million on Man Fuk Road Campus. The campus is equipped with an array of new teaching facilities such as Art Studio, Cisco Lab, Mac Lab, Computer Server Rooms, Gym Room and a Basketball Court to enhance students’ learning outcomes.

Cisco lab and Computer Server Rooms 
Cisco Lab and Computer Server rooms are designed for students majoring in information technology. Students will be provided with their personal servers and network systems to drill the IT network design and security techniques. They will be also given ample opportunities to use the latest computer network devices for practicum such as installation of router, computer networks and Cisco Lab. Each student will be provided with an Apple iMac computer or iPad during lectures to learn iphone or Android apps and will be provided with opportunities to upload their mobile apps on itune platform.
Art Studio

Art Studio accommodates a complete floor for creative design students, where students can design their artworks and hold their exhibitions to showcase their talents.

Basketball Court and Gym Room 
Basketball Court is specially designed for students of disciplinary forces and physical fitness and they can also undertake physical trainings at the Gym Room located at Homantin Campus under the guidance of professional coaches to enhance their physical fitness in preparation  for the recruitment examinations of disciplinary forces.


 HKCT Homantin Campus

Hong Kong College of Technology Wai Yin Association Post-secondary Education Building located in Homantin Campus is specially established for full-time Project Yi Jin and Associate Diploma students. With the donation of HKD1.4 million from Wai Yin Association, the building is equipped with the Creative Learning Centre, Students Development Centre, and Multi-Functional Rooms to provide students with better learning environment.



 HKCT Causeway Bay Campus

It is the first-ever HKCT Campus located on Hong Kong Island. The Campus accommodates a library and a Language Centre to provide comprehensive learning support for students. The Centre, granted HK$1.65 million from the Education Bureau under the Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme in 2009 to provide quality teaching facilities and services for students to further strengthen their language proficiency.
The Centre is characterized by its relaxing Chat Café for casual chats with native English speakers, resourceful Treasure Island, Mini-theatre, interactive Worskhop World, in which equipped with Individual Studio and Reading & Writing Zone with computer kiosks for students’ self-learning.