Higher Diploma in Social Media and Creative Marketing

HKCT Higher Diploma in Social Media and Creative Marketing
This programme aims to develop students' knowledge and skills in social media and creative marketing, to equip students with the awareness of emerging industry trends, the ability to learn and utilize them in a practical environment.  Also, to provide students with work experience in the marketing industry. 

Programme Contents
In this new age of digital and artificial intelligence, social media and creative digital marketing have plenty of advantages. It is affordable, encourages interaction and quick response. It is also widespread in traditional business and e-commerce, no matter the time and location.  
Future marketing professionals need to know how to use marketing technology and software, keep abreast of current trends, have market sense, and have creative and business analysis capabilities. 
The Higher Diploma in Social Media and Creative Marketing Program provides students with professional marketing training in knowledge and skills. The program also provides workshops, corporate visits, academic exchanges and internship training in local/overseas institutions.  To help enhance students’ professional knowledge to meet future work need. 

Programme Features

  • The programme integrates the latest marketing elements and pays equal attention to technical skills and creativity, including lessons in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), to follow the latest marketing trend and fulfill industrial needs
  • The programme emphasizes on both theory and practice, and is taught by professional lecturers who have senior working experience in the related industry. With emphasis on hands-on practices, students equip various skills needed in the industry
  • The programme has strong industry relations with digital and marketing companies. Students will attend visits or activities for exposure to industry trends and practices
  • Students have opportunities to participate in local and international seminars, company visits and exchange programmes to broaden their perspective

Featured Modules

  • VR, AR and MR for Digital Marketing
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Social Media Image and Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Performance Art for Online Presence
  • Event Management and Public Relations
  • Personal Image & Etiquette for Online Persona
  • Followers and Consumer Psychology
  • Digital Commerce and Retail Merchandising
  • Mobile and Social Media Marketing 
Graduation Path
  • Upon completion of the programme, students will have the competencies to work for a wide range of positions in various marketing-related industries, for example, Digital Marketing Executive, Media Sales Executive, Social Media Specialist, Social Media Editor, Advertising and Media Account Executive, Live streaming broadcast host, Digital Creative Specialist, Sales Executive / Sales Officer, Marketing Coordinator / Marketing Executive / Marketing Officer, Youtuber, Telemarketing Sales / Customer Services Representative, and Sales Support Representative etc.
  • Graduates can articulate to local/oversea bachelor's degree programmes in marketing/business or other related disciplines

For students to gain work experience and improve their competitiveness as job candidates, students are required to complete a 3.5 months (605 hours) internship programme in the marketing and business industry. The college will make arrangements and train students in their CV writing and interview skills. 
Moreover, students also can participate in an up to 50 days Taiwan/China summer working experience programme where they can work in different local commercial companies or professional firms to acquire practical experiences.

Programme Details
Mode of Study

Full Time

Teaching Mode

Face to face (Classes may need to be conducted via online platform depending on epidemic for the sake of students’ safety)

Commencement of Study

September 2023


2 Years

Entry Requirements
  1. Attained Level 2 in 5 HKDSE subjects, including Chinese and English [each applicant is allowed to use not more than two Applied Learning subjects at “Attained” level as equivalent to Level 2 in the application]; or 
  2. Pass in 1 A-Level or 2 AS-Level subjects (with 5 passes in HKCEE subjects, including Chinese Language and English Language); or 
  3. Holder of Diploma Yi Jin; or 
  4. Holder of Diploma for Tertiary Studies; or 
  5. Holder of Pre-Associate Degree; or 
  6. Holder of Diploma and 
    - the qualification should be awarded by one of the local or overseas recognised tertiary institutions / post-secondary colleges; and 
    - the length of study is at least 450 teaching hours; or 
  7. Aged 21 or above with 1 year working experience; or 
  8. Equivalent qualifications; 
  9. Pass the admission interview. 
Student Words

Ou Zipeng
"During the two years of studying at Hong Kong College of Technology, I am glad to be friends with many teachers and classmates. I feel grateful to the guidance from teachers and companionship from classmates. During my studies, I also participated in activities such as the ICAC Integrity Ambassadors which enable me to cooperate with students from different majors. I am very grateful to the College for giving me such opportunities to meet different people and have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's culture."

Cheung Yik Hei
"Enrolling in the HKCT allowed me to develop my potential, from being passive to proactive. I actively participated in various activities and stepped out of my comfort zone. Today I am a different and better version of myself."

QF Level
QF Level
The qualification of this programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.
QF level:4
QR Registration No.:21/000158/L4
Registration Validity Period:1/9/2021 to 31/8/2024
Tuition fees and subsidies are to be reviewed and adjusted annually on various factors.