Graduate Attributes


HKCT institutes nurture students with virtues and competence to sustain personal and professional growth for serving Hong Kong and our country.  We guide and support students to develop their qualities in conscientiousness, collaboration, perseverance and innovation.  Upon graduation, our graduates are expected to:

Demonstrate that they are responsible, ethical with integrity equipped with vocational and professional competence for facing challenges in daily life and career 

Graduate's Stories - Conscientiousness

WAN Tsz-lung, William was a student who did not perform well enough in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) to be admitted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, but he was able to bring together a group of students who were passionate about music and performing arts while he was studying at HKCT. The students teamed up and formed a group named  ‘Talent Mill’. They went out to perform on stage and behind the scenes for the community. During his time at Talent Mill, William has already seized many opportunities to be the master of ceremony and perform at various corporate gala dinners. With his dedication and conscientiousness, he has gradually realised his dream of becoming a performing arts director and radio host before graduating from HKCT.

With his enthusiasm and continuous effort in performing arts and radio broadcasting industries, William has already created a reputation for himself. Over the years, he has served as a professional master of ceremonies for various large-scale events in the city, and has dubbed different movies, TV, and advertisements. In recent years, William has been providing training for corporations and students, including elocution training, emcee training, stage production, event planning, wedding planning, career planning, etc. Apart from these,  He gives back to his alma mater out of his busy schedule by taking up part-time tutor role and shared his professional experience, so more fellow students could embark on the professional journey they aspire to.

Have communication skills and empathy with civility and respect to work with teams for serving our local, national and global communities

Graduate's Stories - Collaboration

So Hong-ni, Sony, Senior Student Development Officer of HKCT, was found to have congenital heart disease in her secondary school. Since she received funding from an NGO for her surgery expenses, she has been starting her volunteering career as she sees importance in repaying others' kindnessShe studied for a diploma in tourism at HKCT, during which time she participated in voluntary teaching in exchange groups and assisted voluntary organisations in organising activities. HKCT social workernoticed that she was good at communicating with people and willing to listen to othersAt the same time, she saw how the social workers of the Department of Student Development (DSD) have been helping and caring about students, and understood the responsibilities of social workers. These made her recognise on her own abilities so she decided to become a social worker to serve others, hoping to make an impact with her own story and experience after graduation from her diploma studies. She later returned to her alma mater and became a social worker in DSD from a totally different position. 

Sony's volunteering experience was very rewarding as it helped her realise her own potentiality and find her way to become a social worker, which drove her to return to HKCT later for helping her junior brothers and sisters. Sony once found some students who are under emotional stress and decided to commit suicide, she never hesitated to provide immediate assistance to them regardless whether the cases were found within working hours. Saving lives isn't something you do only during working hours, I want them to understand that there are always people in the world who still value them,” she says. Her empathy and patience are praised by her colleagues. Sony’s dedication to the society and people in need is not confined to HKCT, she icurrently volunteering in a theatre after work and even takes her annual leave for volunteer services sometimes. All in all, she spends every minute of her life to serve the community. 

Show that they are committed in moral values and resilient with a positive attitude and transferrable skills for attaining goals 

Graduate's Stories - Perseverance

Pui-man WONG is 3,000-degree nearsighted and her retinas were detached when she was in Primary 5 and Secondary 7. After completing her studies, she worked as a social worker and a secretary. However, due to her frequent desktop and computer work, the retina in her left eye detached again and she became blind. With less than 10% vision of her right eye though, Pui-man did not give up, she had strong desire to see her children grow up. She decided to learn a new skill of massage therapy and applied to study at a certificate course of health massage to start her own second life. She is now working as a massage therapist at a beauty salon. In order to enhance her massage skills, she even learned from a Chinese medicine practitioner, focusing on acupressure techniques and improving her technique.

Perhaps Pui-man’s eye disease has imposed limitations on her life, made her journey harder than others but she believes  "the most important thing is not to set limits for oneself". She takes initiative to ask for help when she doesn't understand something and uses different methods and skills to achieve her goals when she gets frustrated. With all her effort and persistence in life, shewas nominated and awarded by the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund's ‘Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards For Self-Improvement For Working Adults’ in recognition of her dedication to self-improvement.

Be knowledgeable, open-minded and self-reflective to pursue lifelong learning and innovation in an ever-changing world for continuous advancement

Graduate's Stories - Innovation

The textile industry thrived in the 1970s when Hong Kong’s economy took off. As the eldest daughter in the family, Luk Wai-fong took a machine sewing course at Mongkok Workers' Night School in a hope to raise family income with a skill. To cope with the transition of economy, she empowered herself by attending evening school for accounting after work. Afterwards, she met beauty clients through job opportunities and decided to start her career in the beauty industry. She was recommended by the company for her dedication and pragmatic work attitude. Gradually, the company is establishing its position in the industry.

Wai-fong has always been open-minded and brave enough to step out of her comfort zone. She started out as a sewing student, an accountant, and later became a professional in the beauty industry, and today she is the president of an association of beauty industry. In addition, she introduced UK beauty certification in Hong Kong, which helped to propel the beauty industry towards professionalism. Her constant pursuit of advancement, knowledge and truth had led her to become the President of CIDESCO Section China – International CICA Association of Esthetics. She also signed a co-operation agreement with HKCT earlier to nurture more talents for the beauty industry.