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As an educational institution with more than 70 years of history, Hong Kong College of Technology ('The College' hereafter) has come a long way. We aspire to be a preferred, promising institution for tertiary and continuing education, contributing to the country and the community with its base in Hong Kong while embracing the world. All these years, we have been upholding our commitment to nurturing talents for Hong Kong, inculcating in students positive values, and equipping them with practical skills. We have also been offering distinguished professional courses according to social needs and international standards, providing education and training opportunities for students with the hope to develop their potentials to find their own direction and pathway.


For many years, the College has provided students with different educational backgrounds, needs, backgrounds and interests in the three major education and training areas, namely "Post-secondary Education", "Professional Education" and "Retraining Courses".

Post-secondary Education

Assist secondary 6 graduates to continue their studies in accordance with their interests regardless of their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination result.

Professional Education

In order to meet the needs of working people, the College has cooperated with world-renowned universities for many years to provide excellent academic programmes, so that people from all walks of life can be provided with professional training opportunities, for a better chance of job promotion or field transfer.

Retraining Courses

The College has been offering retraining courses since 1992. In addition to providing diversified vocational training, it provides a full range of services to students, including employment counselling, training, employment referrals and follow-up services, with the aim to help people who intend to re-enter the labor market improve their employability and competitiveness.


Up till today, Hong Kong College of Technology offers programmes and courses covering different qualification levels, from Diploma of Applied Education, diplomas, to higher diplomas, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees, and in diversified areas of disciplines, including Social Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Property and Facility Management, Design and Media, Japanese / Korean and Communication, Tourism and Hospitality, Western Culinary and Coffee, Accounting and Business, Information Technology, Beauty Services and Disciplinary Forces, etc. This diversity caters for people from different age groups and industries who have needs to further equip themselves.