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Social Work
Psychology focuses on understanding individuals while sociology is a subject that aims to analyse phenomena in societies and groups of people. Social work, on the other hand, is concerned with the conditions and interactions of people in society. It does not only attempt to understand people in society but also the actions taken to solve social issues and promote social betterment. Social work stresses the realisation of values. It refers to affirmation of human dignity and rights, respect for diversity and the wellbeing of the disadvantaged groups.
Professional Recognition
This programme is recognised by the Social Workers Registration Board. Graduates can become registered social workers to hold positions requiring such qualification.

Increasing demand for graduate social workers
As the government is committed to extend social work service in pre-school, primary and secondary education sectors, the demand for graduate social workers has increased substantially.

Social Work Skills Laboratory
2+2 Articulation Scheme

Students who have completed the 2-year HKCT “Higher Diploma in Social Work” will be eligible to receive admission offer^ of the 2-year CTIHE “Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Work” of senior-year entry (i.e. direct entry to the third year of the Programme). It only takes 4 years for students to achieve both Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree qualifications. The bachelor programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong at QF Level 5. Graduates can serve as Assistant Social Work Officer (ASWO) or equivalent. The starting salary for the government is at point 16 on the MPS (the starting salary is $35,775 and effective in April 2023).

^ Students should acquire designated academic result and pass an interview, and subject to the availability of the quota.