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Students who choose the wrong subject are as frustrating as women who marry the wrong men. Cheng Siu-tung, Winston, who failed in the public exam, found his true vocation in HKCT and turned his hobby into a business. In secondary school, Winston studied commerce and accounting and did not perform well in HKCEE as he had little interest in the subjects. He took several interviews for higher education opportunities before he found hope in HKCT which he believed valued students’ interest and enthusiasm more than their grades. During his study, Winston had an idea to start a business; lecturers at HKCT gave him full backing to realise his potential. His design was shortlisted in Design Incubation Programme of the Hong Kong Design Centre and was granted subsidy. His work includes the redesign of HKCT’s logo. After graduation, he established a design firm which led numerous projects in collaboration with renowned brands and gradually made his name in the industry. In recent years, his business further widens into brand building and product design.