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The textile industry thrived in the 1970s in the booming Hong Kong economy. As the eldest daughter in the family, Luk Wai-fong took a machine sewing course at Mongkok Workers' Night School in a hope to raise family income with a skill. To cope with the transition of economy, she empowered herself by attending evening school for accounting after work. Having switched to a clerical job, she got acquainted with the cosmetology, Wai-fong decided to set foot in the beauty industry. Her dedication to work earned the appreciation of her employer, who sent her to Europe for eye-opening training programmes that helped her later establish a position in the industry. Wai-fong transformed herself from a sewing student to the president of the International CICA Association of Esthetics. She is keen to give back to her alma mater and has arranged cosmetology courses in collaboration with HKCT.