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Ir WAN Chun-wah, Martin, BSc (Hons) Facilities Management 

To parallel the saying “knowledge reshapes destiny,” professional knowledge paves the way to a bright career. Martin Wan started working in a factory after finishing secondary school in the 1980s when university seats were scarce. Subsequently, he enrolled in a degree programme in facilities management, run in collaboration by HKCT and the University of Central Lancashire. From there he earned a bachelor’s recognised both locally and internationally and became a professional engineer and surveyor, an important stepping stone for a professional career. Martin believes that HKCT programmes fit perfectly to the needs of students and the industry and are of great benefit to practical work. With persistent efforts, he has served as the regional engineering director of the world's largest hotel group before launching his own business with an aim to serve the industry with his professional knowledge. He is developing an “operation and maintenance platform” mobile app to solve maintenance issues for businesses, while consulting builders on Green Building Certification.